Recommendation FAQ

TCU Fraternity and Sorority Life staff does not facilitate the process of securing recommendations for Potential New Members nor advise potential new members on recommendation specifics (i.e. pictures). We believe a young woman’s best chance of success in Panhellenic recruitment is to visit each chapter with a positive attitude and an open mind. Each sorority has a different process for recommendations and each sorority views recommendations differently. We have listed some FAQs below for assistance.
What is a recommendation?
A recommendation, or ‘rec’, is a personal reference of a potential new member provided by an alumna of a sorority.

  • A recommendation may include information about your talents and skills or other contributions you can make to a sorority.
  • A recommendation may, or may not, include a picture for identification purposes. The best picture is one that clearly shows your face.
  • An alumna has two options for recommendations: she can write a personal letter of reference or she can obtain a form from her sorority.

Why get a recommendation?

The purpose of a recommendation is to give a sorority chapter the chance to know more about you before recruitment – a more personal introduction in addition to their copy of your sorority recruitment registration form.

Are recommendations required?

If a specific organization requires a recommendation, it is dependent on the organization to obtain the recommendation, not the PNM. If you know the alumna, then you will likely receive a more personal recommendation.

How do I get a recommendation?

1. If you have a friend/relative/teacher who is an alumna of a sorority, she can give you a recommendation. You may be surprised to find out how many sorority women you know!

2. Contact your hometown Alumnae Panhellenic Association. They can help find someone to write a recommendation for you.

3. If your hometown does not have an Alumnae Panhellenic Association, you may contact the Fort Worth Panhellenic Association ( Even if you are not from Fort Worth, they may be able to help you with recommendations.

4. Reach out to family friends who are currently active in Panhellenic sororities.

Where do alumnae find recommendation forms?

This differs for each sorority. TCU cannot provide any recommendation forms to fill out. Alumnae may obtain the forms and information from their inter/national websites, their sorority publications, or local alumnae chapters. 

What are the deadlines to submit recommendations for TCU's recruitment?

TCU Panhellenic does not have a deadline for recommendations; however, many hometown Panhellenic associations may have set deadlines. They may be sent to the chapters at the reference addresses all summer. Remember, recruitment begins in August, so plan accordingly!

Who should mail the recommendation and when?

The recommending alumna should mail the recommendation to her sorority. It is her responsibility-not the potential new member’s-to secure a form or write a letter and to mail it. Like anything, you don’t want to wait until the last minute! Getting the recommendations to the chapter by August 1 provides more time for them to read the letter prior to recruitment.

What about pictures/resumes/transcripts?

Some hometown Panhellenic associations may ask for specific information, such as a résumé or a photograph, from a potential new member in order to complete a recommendation. What information you provide to an alumna writing a recommendation for you is between you and that person; TCU does not specify what information, if any, should accompany a request for a recommendation. 

Where should recommendations be mailed?

Recommendations should be mailed directly to the chapters at TCU; the mailing addresses are listed below. 

Alpha Chi Omega

Cat Nemecheck 

Attn: Cat Nemecheck

5809 N Ballantrae Drive

Colleyville, TX 76034

Alpha Delta Pi

2901 Stadium Drive

TCU Box 294501

Fort Worth, TX 76129

Alpha Omicron Pi

Reagen Sheffield 

2620 Lubbock Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76109 

 Chi Omega

Kendall Frenkel

2200 Huntington Lane

Fort Worth, TX 76110

Delta Delta Delta

Lindsay Fowler

Attn: TCU Tri Delta Recommendations

3126 Waits Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76109

Delta Gamma

Erica Parten

6117 Locke Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76116

Gamma Phi Beta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Allison O'Neal 

2736 Merida Avenue Apt. 204

Fort Worth, TX 76109

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Amelia Abernathy

2634 Lubbock Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76109

Phi Mu

Bekah Staudacher

2901 Stadium Dr. 

TCU Box 294529

Fort Worth, TX 76129

Pi Beta Phi

Lauren Crawford

2901 Stadium Dr.

TCU Box 294528

Fort Worth TX 76129

Sigma Kappa

Elyse Menger

3608 Bellaire Dr. North

Fort Worth, TX 76109

Zeta Tau Alpha

Leannza Suarez

4204 Selkirk Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76109

Gamma Phi Beta

Terry Pollard

5005 Barberry Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76133